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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Young Bone 'Na Dem Dey Rush Us' - All you need to know. (Download Links)

While Young Bone's “Dey Der Dey Wait” is still having a swell time on some of Nigeria’s best music chart shows, such as #HitDriveTimeWithDuke by #DukeOfTheAirWaves on @HitFmCalabar and on SPARKLING FM Premiere with jossy, the Standout Entertainment frontrunner and boss is gearing up to release his next single. However, the upcoming single will have to wait a bit for this beautiful rendition titled – “Na Dem Dey Rush Us”.

“Na Dem Dey Rush Us”is a song by Young Bone with Charles inojie and Last Prophet. It was produced by jonney Kage. The song tells a very simple story about life and its reality.

Though rendered in Pidgin language, “Na Dem Dey Rush Us” is a song with a universal meaning, which stresses on the fact that – to make it in life is gradually, when you finally make it in life Na Dem go dey rush you.

Must Listen!

Download from any of the links below

Friday, 13 July 2018

Why Skilled Workers Will Own The Future

What's the Big Idea?
In our current atmosphere of high unemployment there are many factors that have prevented companies from growing faster and adding jobs. But one area that has not received nearly as much attention is the labor shortage when it comes to skilled workers. Recruiters simply can't fill these job vacancies. In industries such as manufacturing this problem is particularly pronounced, as the older work force that possessed the right skills is retiring, while the younger generation has shunned careers in this sector. After all, the outlook for manufacturing was quite gloomy for a long time.

While H-1B visas have allowed an influx of highly skilled immigrants in the technology sector, that is still not enough to meet labor demands. In fact, a recent survey found that 83% of manufacturers reported a moderate or severe shortage of skilled production workers to hire. The problem is also found across many other sectors of the economy, from energy to aerospace to consumer products and technology. 
"There is a huge mismatch between the jobs that are available and the workers that are out there," says Patricia Milligan, President of Human Capital at Mercer. Milligan says the workers with the right skills need to be considered "a pretty critical asset" to businesses, and the task of keeping them engaged needs to be "one of the single most important thing that leaders and managers focus on."

What's the Significance?

According to Milligan, "never before has keeping the right people and finding them been as high on the agendas of great companies as it is today." So what are successful companies doing to engage and retain these key assets? Milligan points to "world-class companies" who are working with academic institutions to more rigorously evaluate curriculums. Many of the "skills" that are currently being taught are what could be called "transitory" because the jobs themselves are being transformed or replaced by automated technological processes. More dynamic curriculums are needed to keep up with the pace of change if we hope to train the work force for the jobs that will exist in the future. 

When you look at the global picture, the demographics, the birth rates and replacement ratios in the workforce, Milligan sees a "skilled workers’ world," and they will have the power. "There’s no question that the workers with the right skills around the world are going to own their own futures," she says, "and we want to compete for those workers."


According to the latest reports, the most used instant messaging application, WhatsApp will now tell you which messages were forwarded to you. They are accompanied by a “Forwarded” label that appears to both senders and recipients. The feature has been in testing since June and has been released for all users.

WhatsApp Starts Labelling Forwarded Messages In Effort To Fight Fake News

The most used instant messaging application, of course, WhatsApp will now tell you which messages were forwarded to you. They are accompanied by a “Forwarded” label that appears to both senders and recipients. The feature has been in testing since June and has been released for all users.

For WhatsApp, this helps determine whether a friend or relative actually wrote the message they sent, or whether it came from someone else. However, the app does not tell who the original author is, unlike the Telegram – who already had this feature.

And of course, if you want to forward a message without the “Forwarded” prompt, simply copy it manually, paste it and send it to the recipient.

Fight Fake News

The company also says: “We encourage you to think carefully before sharing forwarded messages.” The idea, it seems, is to help combat false information, which spreads very easily – sometimes with fatal consequences.

This month, five people were lynched to death in a city in India. Rumors scattered about WhatsApp said they were kidnappers. Other similar cases have been occurring in the country.

A new program called WhatsApp Research Awards will give up to $50,000 for researchers. The idea is to find ways to detect fake news by protecting end-to-end encryption in the application.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Ways To Improve Your Study Habits And Recall Better

If you're a student attending classes, you have undoubtedly experienced many moments when it was hard to make yourself settle down and study, even when an important exam was coming up.

If you're like most students, you delay studying until the very last minute. The night before the exam, you'll burn the midnight oil cramming, getting little or no sleep. In the morning, you'll drag yourself out of bed, gear up yourself with lots of coffee and some cigarettes, and go into the exam feeling tired, drained and stressed out all at the same time. You'll find it hard to focus or think, and you'll be cursing yourself for not starting to study sooner.

And not surprisingly, unless you're blessed with natural intelligence, or you happen to know the subject matter very well, you'll probably do awfully on the test.

If this is your usual method of studying, you already know it doesn't work. Every time you go through this ritual, you tell yourself that you're going to improve the next time you face a big exam. Next time you'll start to study weeks in advance, you say. But instead, you keep repeating this crazy pattern. Why does this keep occurring? And what should you be doing instead if you want to get better marks?

A big problem for most people, especially those who are young students, is that life gets in the way. If you're a student, you probably have a part time job, and like most juvenile people, you also want to have a social life.

Studying can seem very dull compared to all the exciting temptations just outside your door. Or the games on your computer. Even watching old reruns of Sesame Street can seem more interesting than the biology text your teacher is expecting you to master!

One reason we often don't start studying until the last possible minute is that we have miscalculated how long it will actually take us to grasp and understand the material. If your mid-term is still six weeks away, that might seem like plenty of time left before you need to get around to studying. You might find however, that the subject matter is a lot harder to understand than you thought it would be, and all of a sudden there's no time left to ask someone to explain it to you.

Another reason we often delay starting to study is that we are too overwhelmed with how big the project actually seems to be. Somehow we assure ourselves that putting off a tough study project can be the best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by it.

When we are faced with a study project that seems extremely difficult and overwhelming, it can be to maintain a high level of interest and motivation for the duration of the learning process.

If you have been guilty of all these bad study habits, it's not too late to pick up some other habits that will work better for you.

First, remind yourself why you want to perform better in your studies. Maybe you need a good mark to get into a good college. Maybe you want a chance at a career that will pay you well. Always keep your end goal in mind.

You can put little cards up around your room with inspirational messages, and attractive photographs that will remind you why you want to do well in school.

If you feel very overwhelmed, you can improve your motivation and your performance by breaking up the project into smaller sections, or "chunks". Each time you accomplish one little bit successfully, give yourself a significant reward.

If you have a deadline looming, decide how much of the project you need to tackle at one time.

Let's say you have six weeks to master the content of a difficult biology text. Looking through the book you realize that if you study one chapter each night, you can get through the book in 28 days, leaving two weeks in which you can again review the material.

With this erudition you can pace yourself. You know what your assignment is. You know how much you need to read every night. Concentrate on the immediate task at hand. You don't need to feel overwhelmed by the entire book at one time. Next, work out a system of rewards for yourself. Give yourself a series of small rewards each time you master one chapter, and a larger reward for completing the entire book.

For rewards to work they must be immediate, and personally meaningful to you. There is no point in rewarding yourself with a new fishing rod if you hate fishing.

Rewards don't need to be material objects if there is something else that would really motivate and inspire you. How about attending a special concert, or taking a special trip? You decide. Get creative and think of something that will incite you to take action.

It's very important that the reward take place soon after the work has been accomplished. This creates a sense of positive reinforcement. Give yourself a small reward every time you finish a small part of the job, and a bigger reward when the project is completed. If there is too long a gap between the activity and the reward, it will not have the effect of strengthening the desired activity.

Besides motivating yourself with a series of external rewards, learn to motivate yourself internally. Tell yourself you're a good learner. Tell yourself you enjoy learning. Tell yourself you enjoy giving your brain a good work out. Congratulate yourself for your efforts. Tell yourself you love gaining new knowledge, and let yourself feel a joy in learning. Be proud of yourself for the work you do to gain more knowledge.

For information to sink into your brain and be accessible to you, you need to review it several times, and your brain needs to sleep properly for the memories to be encoded in your neurons. You need to reduce your mental stress. Your brain requires good nutrition and it needs to be in a peaceful, confident state. Drugs and alcohol don't help the process of learning.

Write out what you are learning in your own words, and find a learning partner. Practice explaining to someone else what you have learned. This will increase the possibility that your brain will remember it.

If you start to cram the night before, you are putting your brain at a big drawback.

You're increasing your physical and mental stress, and you're not giving yourself time to review the material several times. By cutting back on your sleep, you're not giving your brain a chance to put the information you've been studying into the hard drive storage of your brain.

By starting your studies early, and reviewing what you've learned, you have a much better chance of remembering and understanding what you need to know when you face a big exam.


5 Best Cities To Search For Employmeny In Nigeria - Jobs/Vacancies

Unemployment is one of the major challenges in Nigeria. Graduate youths increase at Geometric progression annually while job opportunities increase at Arithmetic progression. Thus making the labor very competitive and challenging. However, this article attempt to present to our readers the 5 best cities to look for jobs in Nigeria.

Although unemployment is rampart in the country, but some cities have more employment opportunities than others. So, We sincerely hope that you will leave your village to one of these cities after reading this article.

It is actually very funny how some graduates will finish Youth Service and go back to the village to sit down. They will end up giving their resume to their uncles that retired from NNPC ten years ago.

These same people will end up saying I graduated 4 years ago, there is no job. Ask him how many jobs he has applied for. You will hear, I gave my uncle CV and he refuse to help me. The first step to getting a job in Nigeria is to leave your comfort zone.

You can’t be in Lokoja, and expect to get a job of 200k per month there, it is almost impossible. Go to those cities where the opportunities are, then start searching. So, below are the best cities to look for jobs in Nigeria.

What Are The 5 Best Cities To Look For Jobs In Nigeria?

#1 Lagos

One of the best cities to look for jobs in Nigeria is Lagos. It is the busiest and most industrialized city in West Africa. There are several employment opportunities for job seekers in Lagos.

As a matter of fact, most of the top notch companies in the world have offices in Lagos. You will always find a job in Lagos, even if the pay is very small. This is why it is rated the best place to look for job in Nigeria.

#2 Ibadan

Ibadan is another great city to look for jobs in Nigeria. There are several large and small manufacturing companies in the city.

Also, there are construction and mining companies in Ibadan. These companies provide several job opportunities to Nigerians every year.

#3 Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is the capital and largest city in River State. It is great place to look for job. However, there are more opportunities for engineer in this city than any other professions.

Most of the opportunities in Port Harcourt are oil and gas related and they are high paying job. In fact, if you get a job as a graduate in any of the oil and gas companies there, it is a good way to kiss poverty good bye.

Companies like Shell, Mobil, Schlumberger, Total, Intel etc are some of the top notch companies in Port Harcourt.

#4 Abuja 

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. The head quarters of most Federal Government organizations are in Abuja. So, it is the best location to look for Federal government Job.

Also, there are private firms and construction companies that pay very well in Abuja. These different firms provide series of opportunities to young Nigeria graduate.

#5 Kano

Kano is another juicy location to look for job in Nigeria. There are several manufacturing companies in Kano ranging from Plastic, Foam, Rubber, Aluminum, Noodles etc. All these companies provide opportunities for job seekers.

These are the 5 best cities to look for jobs in Nigeria. Expand your job search to any of these cities and tell your testimonies to other job seekers.

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Donald Duke Releases 2019 Campaign Posters For Presidential Election

Former governor of Cross River State, Mr. Donald Duke, has said Nigeria has continued to lag behind in growth and development due to lack of sincerity of purpose and determination to confront emerging challenges.

According to Duke, his decision to contest the 2019 presidency is informed by the need to lead the path in the restoration and survival of the country, stressing that Nigeria would do better with the right vision.

Duke made the remarks, yesterday, in Enugu, as a guest to the Law Students’ Association (LAWSA) 2018 dinner of the Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria, Enugu campus. He said: “We all agree that we can do better than we are doing currently. The ideas are not lacking. What is lacking is the sincerity of purpose and the determination to get it right. The three things I believe we require are the vision, the will and the attitude.

“The essential element is the will. Agriculture cannot go beyond processing level if you don’t have good policies tied to it; if you don’t have the requisite infrastructure tied to it. For our education, from 1990, we have not updated our curriculum to match the realities of the world. Our healthcare methods are still the way they were in the 60s.

“Our infrastructure is deplorable. Our financing system is wrong. We cannot grow an economy, where in my estimation seven out of 10 persons are unemployed, underemployed, with interest rate regime in the upper twenties.”He lamented that while a lot of young folks would like to start businesses, the system will not allow them do that, stressing, “We need a leadership that is determined to solve these problems.”

He tasked the students: “The country is getting more and more competitive and if you don’t put your best foot forward, you will miss it. Nobody will step aside and say young people should take over. You must work for it. It will be more competitive in the next 30 years.”

Beautiful Night View of Ayade Industrial Park in Calabar

Magnificent night view of the Ayade industrial park, a park that is home to the rice seedling centre, the ultra modern garment factory and the calapharm amongst others.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018


Nollywood diva Queen Abua who is also the CEO of laqueen's media was interviewed by Daily Trust Where she urged Youths to be prayerful and focused if they must achieve their dreams of becoming good ambassadors of Nigeria.

Queen, hails from cross river and Started acting in 2011 and have since then featured in more than 20 movies.

Speaking with WEEKEND on how she started acting, the 26 year old Accounting Undergraduate said that it wasn't easy. She said going into the movie industry is capital intensive because you need to travel arround for Auditions which some may not even work out.

Queen rated Nollywood artistes as satisfactory saying "The Upcoming Artistes are doing very well, In the past no one could ever make Acting a full time job which they could earn a living from".

For those that may want to go into Acting fully maybe after school, She advised that they should be prayerful, focused and desist from oppeobria Acts. Don't Emulate anybody no matter the level of Education they have acquired she said. Acting is an Inbuilt talent.

The young Actress sees herself taking roles in Hollywood in few years. Queen dreams of being a producer and movie director at the height of her career.

I would also like to establish my own movie production firm that will create jobs to reduce unemployment in Nigeria she said.

When asked of the Project she's currently working on, she revealed her pageantry show "FACE OF LAQUEEN'S MEDIA" will be coming up soon as she urged her fans to anticipate as the pageant will comprise of extreme beauty queens cutting accross the Country.

Monday, 4 June 2018

World Cup: Super Eagles Players Get Jersey Numbers

The Super Eagles team for the 2018 FIFA World Cup have been allocated jersey numbers.

According to number allocation was announced in a video clip published on the Super Eagles’ verified Twitter handle on Monday.

Skipper of the team Mikel Obi retains his number 10, Odion Ighalo kept his number nine jersey, Victor Moses was handed number 11 and Ahmed Musa number seven. Leon Balogun and William Troost-Ekong got number six and five respectively.

See the numbers below;

Super Eagles squad numbers:

1 – Ikechukwu Ezenwa

2 – Bryan Idowu

3 – Elderson Echiejile

4 – Wilfred Ndidi

5 – William Troost-Ekong

6 – Leon Balogun

7 – Ahmed Musa

8 – Oghenekaro Etebo

9 – Odion Ighalo

10 – John Mikel Obi

11 – Victor Moses

12 – Shehu Abdullahi

13 – Simeon Nwankwo

14 – Kelechi Iheanacho

15 – Joel Obi

16 – Daniel Akpeyi

17 – Ogenyi Onazi

18 – Alex Iwobi

19 – John Ogu

20 – Chidozie Awaziem

21 – Tyronne Ebuehi

22 – Kenneth Omeruo

23 – Francis Uzoho


The National Association of Ebonyi Students NAESS AE-FUNAI Chapter under the Leadership of Comrade Echofe Williams held their meeting today 2nd June, 2018 at the the old Auditorium temporary site.

The Meeting started at about 10am and recorded a huge attendance from all members including the recently inducted year 1 students.

During the meeting everyone had hoped to see Comr. Akuma fortune walking into the meeting, being the Senate president of NAESS And one out of the three Ebonyians aspiring for the post of SUG president. but fortune was no where to be found. Meanwhile Ceaser was late to the meeting and being the Provost and also a presidential aspirant, this raised so much dust as he was cautioned by one of the members to desist from coming late to meetings and then coming to ask people to move to the front row, this was as a result of the supposed relevance the campaigner was seeking.

Meanwhile LEO who is the third aspirant for president also from EBONYI was pictured sitting very calm as usual. Such a perfect gentleman, little wonder he's the Ag. SUG president favorite. one would wonder if he has the ability to even struggle, but remember a book is not judged by it's cover.

Another person that cought people's attention was the Queen herself. Queen Gloria Ukpai the Vice Presidential aspirant. The highpoint was when the NAESS President urged all Ebonyians to vote Gloria Ukpai for Vice President.

The meeting ended by the president assuring every member of the University community of a free, fair and violence free Elections saying #ElectionNoBeFight a hashtag created by Aguero Banks and fostered by Baron crew.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Outstanding Nigerian Student Graduates From American University In Style (Photos)

Congratulations are in order for a Nigerian man, Mopileola Tomi Adewumi , who graduated in flying colors at the Oklahoma State University in America.

The young man won the Winner School of Healthcare Administration, 2018 outstanding graduate student award.

His family and friends were present at his convocation ceremony to share in his moment. Sharing the tremendous news on his social media page, Tomi wrote:-

Not sure where to start all I gotta say is Thank you Lord!!!

It’s been a long time coming… Today marks the end of a very long journey… very rough, humbling but exciting journey!!! I am nothing but grateful for this wonderful opportunity given to me!!! M.S. Biomedical Sciences &M.S. Healthcare Administration (2018, Outstanding Graduate Student Award Recipient).Oklahoma State University!!! One time

DEMOCRACY DAY:- After 3 Years In Office, What Do You Think President Buhari Has Accomplished? (Watch Video)

On the 29th May, 2015President Buhariwas sworn in to office as the President Of The Federal Republic of Nigeria and today marks his 3rd year as democratically elected president.

Using the “Change” mantra, President Buhari won the hearts of Nigerians with many campaign promises ranging from Crushing Boko-Haram, fighting corruption in public officies, massive job creation and general economic improvement.

Meanwhile, on this edition of NL TV Voice Of The Street, Nigerians aired their views on the performance of the president 3 years after being elected.

Watch what Nigerians have got to say below:-

Wednesday, 30 May 2018


     1. Okwemgbe Leonard  -                FUNAI/B.Sc./15/2134
     2. Akuma Chijiuka Fortune - FUNAI/B.Sc./15/1416
     3. Igwe Nelson Chiemezie - FUNAI/B.Sc./15/1956
     4. Njoku Francis Ogbonna - FUNAI/B.Sc./15/2231
     1. Ikeh Nwadinaka Bibian Mary - FUNAI/B.A/15/2253
     2. Ukpai Gloria Ekwutosi - FUNAI/B.Sc./15/2087
     1. Odono Samuel. M - FUNAI/B.Sc./15/2078
     1. Iwu Ebubechi Felicitas -         FUNAI/BA(Ed)/16/2932
     1. Ngah Adanna Rebecca -                        FUNAI/B.Sc./15/2122
     1. Okafor Christian Chiemezie -           FUNAI/B.Eng/15/1734
     2. Emeasoba Chinedum -           FUNAI/B.Eng/15/1643
     1. Akani Paul Otu - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/2732
     2. Chukwu Kingsley Thomas                                                 FUNAI/B.Sc./16/2645
     1. Onele-Ogah Lucia Amara - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/2806
    1. Ugwuoke Jude Ifeanyi - FUNAI/B.A/16/3108
    1. Chiemeka David Enoch -           FUNAI/B.Eng/15/1723
    2. Onwuegbusi Abuchi. E -           FUNAI/B.Eng/15/1672
    3. Eni Otu Alexander. E -           FUNAI/B.Eng/15/1624
     1. Ukangwobia Comfort  .O.-                                               FUNAI/B.Sc./15/2086
     1. Eneh Chukwuebuka. J. -           FUNAI/B.Sc./15/1778
      1. Okechukwu Robert . O - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/3993
      2. Nweke Sunday Marcel - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/3669
      3. Udom Jeremiah Ita - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/3701
Onuoha Chinedu . D - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/3058
Okorie Obinna Collins - FUNAI/B.A/16/3126
Ngwueche Christabel . C -                      FUNAI/B.Agric/16/2889
Eze Chukwuemeka Emmanuel -           FUNAI/B.Eng/16/3451
Nweke Chibuike Jerryson -           FUNAI/B.Eng/16/1731
Chukwudi Chukwudubem.A -           FUNAI/B.Eng/16/3317
Chima Solomon Chijioke - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/2577
Njoku Emmanuel Great - FUNAI/B.Sc./15/2199
Nwaokorie Amuchenna Mavis -        FUNAI/BA(Ed)/16/2933
Williams Chiemeria Victor -        FUNAI/B.A(Ed)/16/3003
Mbachu Eberechukwu Patience - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/2297
Onyemauchechukwu Chijiuwa.M - FUNAI/B.Sc./16/2370


The electoral committee through it's chairman Dr. Charles Nkem Okolie (Dean of Student Affairs) just released some vital information for the SUG contestants and the entire students.

This development came up because of the misguided information going on in various websites and platforms in order to win the vote of the students.

Therefore, the committee came up with some don'ts in the upcoming AE-FUNAI SUG election which includes:

1. There should be no form of gratification       or inducement with gifts. 

2. Colored posters or it's kind is banned or       not accepted in the forth coming                   election. 

3. Motor convoy is not allowed within and      outside the campus while campaign. 

4. No external body is accepted to parade      within the campus.

5. No form of character assassination by        co-contestants.

Anyone found going contrary to the above stated instruction stands the risk of being disqualified, therefore contestants and the entire students are advised to obey the instructions.

How ever this may be a pill too bitter for the BG time ballers who have been warming up to start showering some students with gifts in exchange for Votes. One can now say the Electoral committee has succeeded in creating a level ground for all contestants, feel free to leave your comments below. 
Sir steve

Friday, 29 September 2017

Lagos City Suya Carnival by Suya Stops In Conjunction with Lagos State Government and Ministry of Arts...

The Lagos City Suya Carnival.
The idea was borne out of the need to celebrate Africa, Nigeria and most especially our Lagos using one of the chops that has become a household name across metropolis over several years.
Suya, as we all know, didn’t originate from Lagos but you will all agree with me that the average Lagos street or road has one Suya joint or a nearby Suya Mallam joint just few streets away. Such is the love we have shown this delicacy that has seemingly become part and parcel of Lagos.
A Suya carnival, you might wonder? Well, this is one carnival that isn’t been replicated from anywhere in the world as it has its own origin here in Lagos, Nigeria. Which better way could we have launched such a carnival with such magnitude? Where could we have launched this and when could we have launched the Lagos City Carnival are the questions that ravaged our mind when this idea came to me.
For us, after so many deliberations we concluded that no where other than Lagos is perfect for us to berth with this carnival. And which better way to launch it than the commemoration of the Lagos at 50 celebration with the event rounding it off. Making a 50ft long Suya steak and breaking a record hence putting Lagos state as a whole on the world map isn’t a bad way to launch the event of this magnitude.

Date and Time



Alausa Shopping Mall
Obafalabi Street
Ikeja, LA 100121
View Map

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Love Story by Emmark Kolo & sir Steve

Hi everyone
I hope you all are taking life easy?
Though its hard but lets keep believing....

It hurts to love someone
And not having the caurage to tell them how you really feel.
But what hurts most when the person you love dont feel for you the same way you feel for them.

Want to hear a love story?
#OfficialReleaseDate 28th October
Cc. Tayo Studios
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Cc. IndoMIX

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twitter: itsstephen_ayim